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Grong Ski Resort

Grong ski resort is Northern Trøndelags largest ski resort with 15 different slopes and 4 lifts. The center is a

Game hunting in Guslia

Deadline April 1st. Send your application to (Name, address and e-mails) The whole hunting area is on 45.000 acres.

Accommodation in Grong

There is a lot of options for accommodation in Grong. If you take contact we can help you find what

Gløshaug Church

Gløshaugkirka is a church from 1689 with a very interesting history. New research shows that the age of the church

Grong Hotel

The hotel consists of 29 big double rooms, including 2 mini suites in the tower building. 13 of the rooms

Ski and sleep in Grong

If you arrive at Bjørgan and Grong ski resort you will stay right beside the slopes. We offer you a

Ten peaks in Grong

Challenge yourself to climb one of the peaks Grong has to offer. Great view and adventures are guaranteed! In Grong


Namsentunet is located 3 kilometres north from the center of Grong and is placed near by the river. The guest